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CATs voice mail:

Picture of Cat with Telephone

Office: 236-7333
Emergency: 737-1108

Endsmeet Animal Hospital
168 Middle Road, Devonshire
Phone 236-3292
Emergency: 694-0703
Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm
Saturday 8am to 12:30pm

Ettrick Animal Hospital
75 Middle Road, Warwick
Phone 236-0007
Emergency 236-0007 press 1
Hours of Operation
Monday to Saturday 8am to 6pm

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Please support our Raffle to help us raise the funds we need to run our programs.

Keep an eye out for our volunteers who will be selling our 2018 Raffle tickets at Supermart on 14 April and 5 May. Lindo's in Warwick 2 May. Harrington Hundred's 19 May. Washington Mall 26 April and 21 May.
Many fantastic prices - Tickets are only $5 each!

This is our major fundraiser for the year, please contact us if you think you can sell tickets for us at your work place to family and friends.

Download our printable poster

Bermuda without CATs

  • No humane management of feral cat population in Bermuda
  • Unchecked growth of feral cat population
  • Threat of disease and injury to pet cats
  • Random euthanization of cats, possibly including pet cats
  • Aggressive behaviour of feral cats that have not been fixed
  • Starving population of feral cats filtering into residential areas raiding uncovered dumpsters for food supply
  • Unattractive emaciated cats in large numbers will reflect poorly on Bermuda and its reputation as a civilized vacation destination.
  • CATs is the ONLY organization in Bermuda actively controlling the Island's feral cat population through humane methods. Cessation of its work would have dire consequences and its trap/test/neuter/release programme should continue; it is the Island's only control mechanism.
  • CATs is not operating in isolation from the rest of the world, but following well-established scientific findings and operational methods surrounding the territoriality of cats, which have concluded that culling is not an effective means of controlling these populations.